March’n Manicures?!

Okay I have a guilty pleasure and it is definitely Acrylic Nails. I made the decision to stop having them done. For a couple of reasons. Mainly because they were not lasting as long in between me needing in-fills as I had liked because my nails grow so fast. And not to mention the damage it does to your nails! They are still not in great condition even over 6 months later. But this month of march I have decided to trial stick on nails. And found two perfect products to try!

I nipped into Boots on Saturday to re stock on a couple of items (Another post coming out this week) that were empties that I loved! And looking at the nail range I spotted these two beauties!

Both sets are from the brand Elegant Touch. And I do already know they are pretty popular in the Nail world, I am yet to try any of their products I think! But there two from the House Of Holland range were reduced, I guess an end of the season sale on some items? They were reduced to clear. I am thinking of saying them for my Florida trip in 10 days time! What do you guys think?

IMG_0816 [81613]

I love this set the most I think so far. I love dark colours but would never commit to choosing a dark colour on my nails when I would go and have them done. I guess with this the option is to take them off if you are over the dark look! Whereas an Acrylic you’re kind of stuck with them a bit longer? They fade out to black on the ends but the beginning of the dip dye half way up the nail is a dark glittery purple. So gorgeous looking!

IMG_0815 [81611]

This is the second set. Now these are kind of a more of an every day look but with a twist with the different white patterns and each nail is basically an individual design which I also love. I cannot wait to try these ones too! A more perfect for everyday slash any outfit choice basically. The thing I am worried about with at home falsies is the fact that even though I did have acrylic nails, I kept them pretty short. These are a tiny bit longer than I would originally go for but I am totally up for the challenge and I will give you an update on how I got on. I am slightly scared as to how long the nails last with the glue that comes with?

If anyone has any tips on using nail glue to apply your own nails please let me know before my trip!! If there is a better glue out there or certain tips for applying them? I am really going in blind here!

Bye for now xx


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