Back At It! My Blonding Stage Two!

I don’t even have any excuse for my lack of posting recently, only the lack of prioritising my time where it is most important! Some times I get so down and tired with work the last thing I feel like doing is coming home and blogging. Which is a weird feeling as once I am sat here like I am now, I feel most content. I need to remind myself sometimes that this is my happy place!

Well anyway, I am back from Miami trip which was amaaaazing! Cannot even tell you how much shopping I did because you would believe Β me and it makes me sound even worse than I already know I am haha. But just before my trip I decided to go one step lighter with my hair, and I am so happy with the results!

before and after hair

So as you know this was how the first sitting went. I was actually surprised how well it lightened up with the bleach. A slight yellow tinge but after using silver shampoo for a couple of weeks after that really removed and went a lovely caramel shade. The most important thing is to not expect your Hairdresser to work miracles. I knew that because my hair was so dark, it wouldn’t lift spectacularly well the first time I went. I knew I would need to go at least twice.

So I was happy with this colour for about a month, and then I kind of got addicted to the thought of going even lighter! So just before I took off for Miami, I went back to the Hairdressers and this happened..


I was SO happy with how light my hair went! From the front, I still look like a brunette with my hair up which is my favourite part. I tried to avoid having a lot of blonde around my face, just because I am so pale in skin tone I didn’t want to look so washed out. But from the back I really do look like a Blonde! Very happy! So I am going to try this look for a while and see how I like it but so far I am loving my hair. I am very lucky to go to a Hairdresser that is so talented and so understanding of what you want, yet gives you great ideas on what would suit you that you didn’t even think of!

Let me know if you love it! I spent hundreds and hundreds on makeup in Miami so beware for a whole new set of hauls and tutorials with all new makeup (drugstore and high end of course) coming your way!

Bye for now!


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