Contour Favorites & THE Best Drugstore Brushes!


I feel that Contour is just one of those techniques to makeup that over the last year and a half has become absolutely timeless. It has been used for a long time in a professional environment. But us normal day to day makeup enthusiasts turn to the technique more often than not on a daily basis. Whether I magically change the look of my nose, I always sculpt out my cheeks. So recently I have really taken my time to research the best products for the best sculpting ability, brightening and defining! And here are my faves!



When I went to Ulta during my trip to Florida I saw this Real Techniques ‘Sculpting Set’ which I had never seen before in the UK! So I had to purchase it to try it out and these particular three brushes have become staples in my daily routine. Whether it is for day time work routine or my full glam look. I had never been bothered about using a fan brush for highlight, but this duo fibre styles fan brush picks up just the right amount of product for me. And bring smaller than a lot of fan brushes means it precisely picks up the perfect amount and doesn’t allow you to over do it (but really, no amount of highlight is too much!) The smaller setting brush I actually use for sculpting with contour shades. I prefer to start off in small doses and build up. I then go in with the angled brush to bronze up the face. Probably one of my favourite angled brushes it is the perfect density!



We don’t sell Beauty Blenders in the UK, however the Real Techniques version we do sell. Either way a sponge is a perfect way to blend out my contour. I like to blend out cream contour lines with a sponge as for day to day I do not tend to go for an extremely sculpted look. Getting rid of those harsh lines is so either with a damp sponge! Moving quickly and rapidly around the line seems to really create that perfect faded line!


Excuse the dirty palette lid, I guess there is nothing like an action shot! I had never really experience a cream contour until I picked this little beauty up. For a lasting contour, I like to cream contour, and set with a powder contour. And honestly there is no better duo than the Anastasia Beverly Hills Cream and Powder contour kits! Not only are the sculpting and bronzing shades so fantastic and blendable, I love to use the yellow and lighter shades a long the top to really brighten particular areas on my face prepping for a highlight!


What I do love about the packaging of the Cream Contour Kit in particular is the clear plastic opening lid, it is perfect to use for a palette to blend certain shades together for different areas of the face!


This shade in the middle right here is my favourite for sculpting. However I am trying to incorporate the other two bronzing shades into my routine as I will be so sad when I end up using the middle one and running out!


The highlight shade in the Powder kit is also beautiful. I use this to highlight the end of my nose and below my brow bone, but go in with a Becca Highlighter usually for my cheekbones. The Yellow shade is fantastic for setting under eye concealer too and mixed with the almost white shade in the top left hand corner mixes well for the ultimate brightening! I treat the powder contour set as a setting palette for the creams. You set your foundation with a powder for extra long wear, so why shouldn’t your contour be the same?


Thank you for checking in! Let me know by commenting or getting to me on twitter or instagram what your favourite methods of contouring are, and if you have learned anything from me. I love showing you guys my routines and opinions and I hope you enjoy reading them too!


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  1. pale pisces says:

    The RT Sculpting Set is my favorite!! I use the fan brush every single day for my highlight, it’s the best fan brush in my opinion!! Glad you were able to get your hands on it!!

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    1. Yes I love it!! I also love the angled brush too perfect density πŸ™‚ thank you! Ulta is an amazing place!

      Liked by 1 person

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