The Biggest Haul I Have Ever Done

The produce of my recent Florida trip. Let’s get real here, this was bound to happen when I had never visited a Sephora or Ulta before! Over $600 spent, and wow I got so much stuff. The pictures do no justice! From high end to drugstore, and then to MAC aswell. All new brushes and so much makeup. I plan to do so many beautiful tutorials and reviews with my new stuff its crazy!

We would be here all day if I sat and listed absolutely everything I purchased! But over 60 items later I have a whole new inventory of products that will keep me busy for quite some time!

Keep checking back for tutorials and reviews, and keep up to date with my twitter feed and instagram for more!

Thank you so much for visiting!


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  1. Great! thanks for sharing!


  2. Faith Beauty says:

    Matte and Poreless is great! It’s my absolute favourite foundation hands down 🙂


    1. It’s my foundation of house today so I should have a blog post up later today on it! I’m loving it to be truthful! We don’t sell it in the UK so I’m loving it!


  3. alwayswilby says:

    Wow I’m so jealous, can’t wait to see what you think of these products, some of them are definitely already on my wishlist 🙂


    1. Thank you :)! I know took a lot of hours at work for a long time to be able to get them! I will try and review as many as I can do you can get my review before you buy:)!

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      1. alwayswilby says:

        I can imagine! Must be so satisfying though 🙂 Thank you that would be awesome


      2. It was!! Plus I have to make the most of being in the states as in the uk we don’t get the majority of these brands but absolutely all of everything I brought you cannot get in the UK (minus the Mac and real techniques!)

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      3. alwayswilby says:

        Oh wow thats crazy! yeah then buying that amount of makeup is definitely justified!! 🙂

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