March Faves! New & Oldy But Goodies!

So here we are! At the end of ANOTHER month of 2016! Where is the time going seriously?! I feel like months are going by far too quickly and I have so much I want to accomplish this year and NONE of them have happened yet! Ha, ah well. Anyway this month I have discovered a hell of a hauls worth of products. And I am pleased to share that this month not only have I introduced many new products into my everyday routine (whether it be everyday routine, date night or full glam), but I also ended going back to some products I haven’t used for a while and also love! I have also added in a book I have been reading. So keep on reading if you want to see what I have been loving!


We do not have the BeautyBlender in the UK, so I had only every used the Real Techniques miracle complexion sponges before. So when I went to Florida I did manage to pick up two of the Beauty Blenders (one was in the limited edition Kat Von D Foundation + Sponge Duo – the black BeautyBlender). So comparing at first I didn’t think I quite liked the blender. Only because there isn’t as much soft sponginess to the RT Sponge which I was used to. So at first I thought the BB Sponge was far too bouncy and couldn’t seem to get the rhythm of quick little pats right, especially under my eyes with concealer. So after trying it when covering my whole face with foundation did I start to get the hang of it!


I got the BlenderCleanser Solid too, which is the only way I find manageable to clean the sponge. It is such a perfect little invention. I only wish that there was a bigger sized pot! So that I can use it to wash all of my makeup brushes too!

IMG_1074 [241565]

Now I am no Hair expert, and will never claim to be. BUT I will say, I had heard good things about this range of Shampoo and Conditioner, I opted for the regular shampoo, but the Deep Moisurizing Conditioner because of my dried out ends. The Conditioner feels like you have tipped coconut oil on your head and left it for a week! And I will say hand on heart, my hair grew whist using this shampoo. Because of my heavily treated hair right now, I cannot continuously use these, as I do switch it up between hair products specifically for lightened hair, and silver shampoos to knock out brassy tones that often appear in my bleached areas.

IMG_1075 [241567]

The first of my oldy but goodies! This is my religious face wash. If you’re oily you will love this as it really clears out all that oil and gunk stuck in your pores. Very mattifying! I just love it so much! Because it is so obvious to me in my skincare regime, I find it hard to realise sometimes this is a ride or die product for me. So I thought while I remember and appreciate the product so much, why not add it in my favourites? My face feels so clean and so ready for makeup when I have used this face wash! Remember, clay type washes and masks relate heavily to oily skin. A heavy based cleaner to scrub out all those large pores. I like to leave it on my face while lying in the bath too. Once or twice a week just to give my skin that extra time it needs to absorb and let the product work!

IMG_1076 [241569]

More so as an update from my Soap and Glory Haul nearer to Christmas, this is always within reach when bathing or showering. Its a good body wash in the shower but also creamy for a body cream in the bath! I love the strong smelling scent of lime too that lasts for hours after my bath! I am nearly out of the product now, and I have loved it so far!

IMG_1078 [241573]

I didn’t want to add this right at the bottom after all my beauty products. I thought I would break it up a little bit and talk about my favourite book! This is book 2 of the NICE storyline from Celia Imrie, the actress! I completely loved the first book, and brought the second the minute it came out! Without giving too much away, the storyline is about a lady who after being made redundant decides to up root and move to a small village in France, where she meets a crazy bunch of new friends! It is crazy, wild and extremely light hearted and I actually laughed so much reading them. I am hoping and praying for a book three and a TV series (if you’re up to date on my Twitter feed, Celia Imrie recently replied to me on Twitter!!)

IMG_1079 [241575]

I know the craze of this product doubling as a primer only happened just a couple of months ago, but I used it solidly for a week and then for some reason just stopped! But recently I have grown back to loving this Post Shave Balm and completely worked hard to incorporate it in every makeup routine! I love the tacky feeling is gives and you know its going to hold your foundation like super glue. It gives me some completely over the top level of happiness inside!

IMG_1080 [241577]

Right now, hands down my favourite drug store foundation. I don’t think non oily people even realise the struggle to find a good quality foundation that keeps your face matte looking?! And for the price range who can argue? I love to use this with my damp beautyblender as seen in the picture above. It creates the perfect airbrushed, smooth and yet matte look that I crave for some days. Especially at work. When I do not have much time to upkeep my look by powdering the oily areas, I like to go for a matte look tat has little or no upkeep. And this foundation has beaten any high end matte foundation I have tried! Completely pleased with this foundation!

IMG_1081 [241579]

Another beautifully amazing drugstore find! Although I have known about this concealer for quite a long time, try finding it in the UK! So I purchased it from Ulta, and then a couple of days later went back for a spare to bring home because I love it so much! I love the product for starters; the smoothness, the ability to blend out and not to mention the coverage. And the packaging is genius. I love the sponge applicator on top, and I love the screw round method as you can literally see the product moving down and I know I will never get into a situation where I didn’t know I was going to run out! Also there is literally no product wastage! Absolutely perfect!

IMG_1083 [241583]

Last but by no means least, actually this one should of been closer to the top. Before I brought this powder, I used the Urban Decay NAKED loose powder. I do still love that product when I am going for a matte and silky loving finish! However I do not like the fact the powder is so dusty and flies everywhere! So discovering this product has been a god send! It doesn’t seem to create a finish which I love. It just melts in and holds everything where it should be! And more importantly it allows for the designed finish of your foundation to shine through and not take any of the finish away!

So that rounds up my March for me! I hope you enjoyed, and please keep checking back for more! I have really got used to my current working hours and fitting in posts around right now and feeling rather content with my blog!

Thank you to those who have read and appreciated my words. I don’t and will never claim to be an expert in these area, I just like putting forward my opinions as I discover more and more good (and terrible) products!

Bye for now!


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