Shipping Products To The UK – It Doesn’t HAVE To Be Expensive!

Us Beauty lovers all want the same thing, we want Sephora in the UK! I am actually thinking about starting an online petition lol. But in the mean time, I have some great ways you can order things from Sephora, or maybe you fancy websites like Morphe or Colorpop?

Basically ordering offline and bringing into the UK often comes with serious charges. Some websites already cover these import taxes in their prices, whereas others don’t even think about it. So often you can pay over the odds for your items! I have found a revolutionary website that allows you to order to them, and they handle the rest!

These websites basically provide you with an American address (which is essentially the company’s depot, in a state that doesn’t have that annoy shopping tax or shipping tax) and they ship it to you, offering a small charge – which is considerably cheaper than those websites who don’t provide a cheaper international shipping alternative.

ComgatewayΒ is my favourite. They provide a very clear step by step guide, your shipping address is in the top corner when you log in for easy access and you don’t have to worry about remembering it!

Give it a go! And have fun ordering all the products you have always wanted to get your hands on!


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  1. This was such a helpful post, thanks for sharing!
    Lucie xo |


    1. No problem I’m glad I could help!! I want other people to enjoy products too πŸ™‚


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