The Greatest Nose Strips I Have EVER Tried!

It has been a long time since I have used a blackhead nose strip. I remember using them in my teens, and I always thought they were a gimmick. I remember they hurt so much and virtually nothing ever happened! So I hadn’t used them for years! It wasn’t until I was trolling through Reddit and I saw what some people would think was disgusting but I found it completely satisfying for my soul!

A nose strip completely covered in removed blackheads. I spent hours reading through the long list of comments to see if the person posting had said which brand they had used.. so I got my investigation on and went out and brought them…


Ahhh.. the beautiful Biore Nose Strips. So let’s get to the rest of the story here. So After reading the pretty basic instructions extremely carefully to make sure I got at least something sucked out of my nose. So after applying the strip, I then realised I had put the strip far too high up my nose and it was actually stuck also very closely to under eye area. But anyway I powered through and let it harden until it was absolutely rock solid and could not make a facial expression. But heres one area of the result, may I just add that this was after I had cleansed and exfoliated..

IMG_1134 [20365]

Look at those little blackheads that were sucked out!! This was one side of my nose. I didn’t take anymore photos as the lighting teamed with my auto focus wasn’t being my friend on this occasion. I didn’t think it was so normal to save the strip either for a better natural lighting day. They were about 1cm in length too which was rather disgusting yet completely satisfying. Although in some areas you may have to re-wet with a sponge or a wipe or something as some parts were so painful to get off. But I was pretty happy with the result I kind of want to cut lots up and stick them all over my face!

IMG_1131 [20363]

The strip could of done with being stuck a tiny bit further down my nose like I said, But at least I know for next time now!

Let me know what you think, did you enjoy seeing this? Gross? Calming in a weird way like I find it? Ha..

If you’re in the UK, you can purchase them here

And for my US/Canadian buddies, you can purchase them here


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