Where Have I Been? Life Update!


I haven’t been around my blog much recently!Β A LOT has been happening let me tell you all! Not only have I had my working hours changed quite considerably, but I have also gone and got myself a new job!! I am so happy. My dream job and the exact kind of job I could have hoped for after leaving University last August! So I will start that in a couple of weeks! So I am currently over the moon about that! Slightly nervous but a lot more excited so it all weighs out!

Anyway, aside from hearing the news of my new career move, I have also been spending a lot of time at home, sorting out my bedroom and catching up with family life and spending time with my Boyfriend! But I have done some shopping and trying new products and looks so I have a few posts planned for this week and the next!

On another note, I have also been enjoying those glorious red hot summer days England has seen over the last couple of weeks. Plenty of dog walks (and doping myself up on various hayfeaver products, always a downside!).

Take a look at these photographs I took of my dog Bella whilst out trying my camera. I brought my new camera last summer and while I haven’t had masses of time since to try and practice with the various settings and what it is capable of, it was really a breath of fresh air out in the woods taking photographs!

IMG_1290 [30387]

She LOVES to run, and chase stones. I know it’s weird, but a ball she won’t chase, or she will and then chew it to shreds. But a stone she loves!

IMG_1291 [30389]

See? Haha, She is an American Bulldog X Staffy. Some people say she has the look of a Pitbull. Whatever mix breed she is makes no difference to her temperament! She is a beautiful kind and loving dog and has never hurt anybody! And for some people to think that because she is a certain type of breed and to look at her and associate her is disgusting. I have walked her in public parks and similar settings and had horrible comment made right to my face! When she isn’t doing anything apart from walking on her lead! She wouldn’t harm a plant let alone a human being or any other breed of animal!

IMG_1292 [30391]

Maybe the farmer in this field wouldn’t of been happy lol, but she loves to jump through high crops and grass. She kind of looks like Bambi or just a Deer in general and kind of bounces through! Absolutely stunning girl.

IMG_1293 [30393]

And she loves to play! Would have been a perfect shot if she wasn’t moving her head causing it to go blurry!



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